ubiq eCall IVS

CIVITRONIC won the 2013 ITS Industry Award!
ubiq eCal IVS

CIVITRONIC won the 2013 ITS Industry Award for developing a significant new innovative product that played a key role in accelerating development and deployment of ITS in its region.

The Award will presented at the 20th ITS World Congress in Tokyo, 14-18 October 2013. Thank you all for your votes and support! See you in Japan.


ubiq eCal IVS

The innovative product is ubiq eCall, an eCall IVS used in HeERO project, tested with 8 PSAPs in 6 EU countries. Civitronic also developed side products like eCall SkyBox, a mobile test site for eCall PSAPs, to help testing of concurrent calls from multiple IVSs.

Reason for nomination:

Civitronic is one of the few early pioneers supporting pan european eCall pre-deployment, since day number one. Civitronic developed an IVS that was used to set up the eCall value chain in Romania. Currently the Civitronic IVS is in use or intended to be used approx. 80% of the HeERO countries pre deploying pan European eCall.ERTICO, ITS Europe