Transparent serial link over GPRS

  • CSD modem seamless replacement
  • low cost GPRS data transfer
  • true two-way communication
  • no VPN, no fix IP required
  • works with any GPRS enabled SIM card
  • standard RS232 interface


ubiqSerial is a GPRS gateway for serial RS232 devices, ideal for serial cable replacement in long rage
serial connections with remote equipments. ubiqSerial is compatible with most serial RS232 protocols and supports configurable baudrates up to 115200bps.

ubiqSerial's architecture includes an ARM9 processing core and GPRS modem, so it allows low cost data transfer, but offers more than a standard GPRS modem: two-way network communication, with no fixed IP, no VPN or other network setup required.

CIVITRONIC can deliver also M2M SIM cards for various countries and the whole Europe at competitive prices.

Network architecture



  • CSD modem replacement for M2M
  • remote firmware upgrade for PLCs
  • remote PLC communication in SCADA systems
  • Automatic Meter Reading

Technical specifications

power 4.5...16Vac/dc, 36mA IDLE, 173mA GPRS
GSM modem GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, GPRS class 12, CSD V110
RS232 interface | USB  Vimax = ±25V,  Vomin = ±5.4V @ 3Kohm, RXD/TXD, RTS/CTS | USB 2.0
enclosure dimensions  64.5 x 48.5 x 17.5mm (max 121.0 x 59.4 x 21.5mm with antenna and conector)
protection class  IP42
working temperature range -30°C...+65°C



Demo for Automatic Meter Reading system with AEM CST0410 electronic energy meter:

ubiqSerial driver installation and configuration tutorial: