eCall SkyBox

   mobile test site for eCall PSAP

  • test concurrent calls from multiple IVSs

  • automated triggering, testing and logging

  • driver free testing

  • remote access from PSAP

  • easy to install flexible and scalable

  • you can rent it for your tests!


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eCall SkyBox is a mobile test site for eCall PSAP's, so you can test different eCall scenarios with concurrent calls from multiple IVSs triggered the same time, similar to a real life car-crash on the highway. eCall SkyBox can manage IVSs from multiple vendors at the same time and it can trigger each IVS with different scenarios: automatic, manual or test eCall. The system is autonomous and performs automated triggering, testing and logging based on configurable test scenarios, without driver intervention. It allows local, but also remote configuration, so it can be managed by your test team directly from the office. eCall SkyBox has it's own backup battery and it can be easily installed on any vehicle as a standard cargo box.

Test concurrent calls with multiple IVSs

Hard to manage more IVSs for concurrent calls when testing your PSAP? eCall SkyBox can handle multiple IVSs from multiple vendors at the same time. Each IVS can be triggered independently using different scenarios: automatic, manual or test. Each test is logged with triggering timestamp, GPS position and other info.

Automatic triggering, testing & logging

Rough type laptop communicates with SkyBox equipment and handles automatically all the triggering, testing and data logging. The system is autonomous, so once configured, it performs automatically all triggering at specified GPS positions or time intervals, logging all script actions, outside events, but also custom info. Internal battery is used for autonomous operation for several hours.

Driver free testing

Safety first! No driver required to handle the SkyBox system for testing. Once configured at the office, the system is controlled automatically by local laptop. If needed, the driver can start/stop, reconfigure locally the test scenarios or add custom information to the log. The touch screen make it easier to control.

Remote access

Using a 2G/3G USB modem, SkyBox can have Internet connectivity, so back-office test and development team can have remote access to monitor and reconfigure the tests or full control over the whole system. The CIVITRONIC IVSs can be accessed real-time for monitoring and reports via the web portal.

Easy to install

eCall SkyBox components are actually pre-installed in a standard roof top box, compatible with most vehicles, so it's very simple and easy to install it on any test vehicle. Only two cables are needed for connection to the vehicle: 12V power from cigarette lighter and USB connection to in-vehicle laptop. For quick tests, it can run on internal battery only, without power connection to the vehicle.

Flexible and scalable

SkyBox components can be easily reconfigured to support more IVSs. The whole system, including the automatic test software, was build for scalability. Standard version of the SkyBox supports 4 IVSs, but can easily be upgraded for 10 or even more. IVSs from different manufacturers can be integrated.