ubiq eCall IVS
ubiq eCal IVS

Juhani Jääskeläinen of the European Commission was impressed by the automatic eCall demonstration and the “eCall only” demonstration, using a Cinterion Machine Identification Module inside an ubiq eCall IVS.

ERTICO about our HeERO-ic team

IVS for testing eCall functionality in real vehicle fleets

  • ultra-robust integrated eCall solution
  • conformance to eCall specifications
  • universal 12/24V automotive power supply
  • integrated GPS & TCP/IP connectivity
  • remote testing and configuration
  • easy editable MSD content
  • Automatic, Manual and Test buttons for manual eCall control


ubiq eCall is an IVS device designed for fleet management systems, combining state-of-art processing ARM9 core and GSM/GPRS modem with integrated GPS receiver, in-band GSM modem for eCall functionality, automotive power supply and GSM antenna. System core is TC65i, a high performance open platform Java module from Cinterion. A second GSM module, AH3 from Cinterion, is used as in-band modem with integrated eCall functionality. The integrated GPS receiver delivers precise location, speed and heading information, while external buttons allow for manual control of eCall scenarios. Cigarette lighter allows for quick installation in any vehicle, no other cables or external parts required. In January 2012 it was successfuly tested against the PSAP in Romania and PSAP Croatia (feb 2012) as a part of the HeERO project.  The project was supported by ITS Romania and Cinterion; hereyou can find a reference to our IVS in HeERO documents.

Between 22 and 24 may 2012 Civitronic takes part in the first eCall Plugtest Interoperability Event organized by ETSI in Nuneaton UK.

ubiq eCall system architecture



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