altWater quality monitoring and control

Compact system for water parameters measurement, remote monitoring and pumping station remote monitoring & control. Real time and historical data is available direclty in Google Maps using existing web-browser interface.


Monitoring and control applications

  • water distribution systems
  • WWTP
  • DWTP
  • AMR for water meters



  • water quality monitoring: flow, pressure, chlorine, turbidity, disolved oxigen, pH ...
  • pump working hours
  • voltage, curreng and energy measurement
  • configurable alarms
  • GPRS connectivity via existing GSM networks
  • web browser user interface
  • universal 12/24V power supply
  • lithium battery for 2-10 years authonomy
  • firmware update via OTAP
  • quick and easy installation



Integration in SCADA systems

 Aquatronic SCADA Aquatronic uses MODBUS protocol over GPRS so it can be easily integrated in any SCADA system. Field equipment transmits data read from sensors, via Internet/GPRS, using existing GSM networks. By using standard open protocols (MODUBS), this system in compatible with existing SCADA systems.The OPC server converts measured parameters in OPC tags so it can be easily portable to any stadard industrial solution.


  • low cost communication
  • zero maintenance required for newtork layer, because it uses existing GSM networks
  • true two-way communication, no fixed IP required


View data direclty in Google Maps

Aquatronic Google Maps Aquatronic can send data from sensors directly to web portals with integrated GoogleMaps. User can log in to it's sequre Google account and visualize real time and historical data from it's own collection of sensors connected to Aquatronic devices. The device uses GSM cell info to automatically establish it's location on the map, without the use of a GPS receiver.


  • direct acces from any location and any OS through web-browser interface
  • easy and quick access to logged data
  • automatic location on the map, without GPS receiver
  • unlimited global scalability


Automatic Meter Reading for utility meters

Aquatronic Metering Aquatronic works as an M-Bus to GPRS gateway for integration in AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) systems. Aquatronic uses the M-Bus standard protocol to communicate with water and heat meters, all configurable directly in web browser via the portal.


  • true two-way communication, no fixed IP or other network setup required
  • easy integration in software platforms via XML interface web services
  • software update via OTAP
  • unlimited global scalability