altCumulusMeter is a web-enabled energy meter compatible with Google Power Meter energy monitoring tool.
CumulusMeter reads and stores power consumption like any other standard energy meter, but it connects to Internet via an embedded GPRS modem and transmits collected data to Google data centers using open standard protocols.
CumulusMeter is the perfect solution for cloud metering or Automatic Meter Reading applications. It is configurable directly in web browser via a web portal and can receive software updates over the air. The Google PowerMeter web monitoring tool enables you to view your home's energy consumption from anywhere online.

Works with any GPRS enabled SIM card, no fixed IP or other network setup required in the field.

The open standard web services interface design allows for fast integration into existing billing and reporting software platforms.

CumulusMeter is build on standard Java platform technology. Software updates can easily be performed remotely using Over The Air Programming (OTAP).

Features & Applications



✔ class 1 mono/three phase energy meter
✔ web enabled with GPRS connectivity
✔ Google Power Meter compatible
✔ web-browser user interface
✔ two-way network communication
✔ no fixed IP, no VPN required
✔ simple intallation, no network setup
➔ cloud metering
➔ smart metering
➔ AMR for utility providers

Web Interface

The user interface with CumulusMeter is available via the Google PowerMeter.

What is 



Google PowerMeter is a free enerygy monitoring tool that helps you save energy and money. Using energy information provided by utility smart meters and energy monitoring devices, Google PowerMeter enables you to view your home's energy consumption from anywhere online.


Live Demo

Click on the Demo button
for demo acces to Google PowerMeter interface
and see live data of our company's three phase power meter

You will be redirected to Google PowerMeter website.

user/email: demo.cm300
 password: cumulusmeter