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2nd eCall Interoperability event

Civitronic participated at eCall TestFest, the second eCall Interoperability event which took place from 09 to 13 September 2013, in Essen, Germany, at CETECOM HQ.

Organised by ERTICO in cooperation with CETECOM and HeERO Project, the Plugtests event was dedicated to interoperability testing and was designed for eCall In-vehicle system vendors and PSAP systems vendors.


ubiq eCal IVS

ubiq eCall IVS is 100% compatible with PSAPs

During this event, Civitronic tested it's ubiq eCall IVS for interoperability against 5 local PSAPs and 6 remote PSAPs. ubiq eCall IVS passed all mandatory and optional tests. The test specification was based on the CEN TS 16454 standard (Intelligent transport systems - eSafety - eCall end to end conformance testing).


HeERO partners working hard, for you, to help save lives

21 IVS vendors and 11 PSAP vendors worked together during the 5 days.

We used our robust IVS with 3 red buttons, others used complex development systems full of wires and LEDs or vehicle simulators with real dashboards components, but others brought a whole vehicle :)


Can I eat it or should I test it ?

At CETECOM labs, they have some very interesting stuff. I didn't knew if this can be eaten, so I tested it, like they test everything at CETECOM. It was very delicious, according to latest standards of course :)


Das Liebevoll in der Auermühle

We relaxed in the middle of the week at very nice place called "Liebevoll in der Auermule", about 20Km away.

A very funny french guy, who recently moved to UK, kept us laughing all evening with his genuine British humor (something about Romanian IT support guys making him learn the international alphabet to logon)