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CIVITRONIC won the 2013 ITS Industry Award!
ubiq eCal IVS

CIVITRONIC won the 2013 ITS Industry Award.

It will presented at the 20th ITS World Congress in Tokyo,
14-18 October 2013. See you there!

2nd eCall Interoperability event

HeERO partners working hard, for you, to help save lives.

21 IVS vendors and 11 PSAP vendors worked together during the 5 days. We used our robust IVS with 3 red buttons, others used complex development systems full of wires and LEDs or vehicle simulators with real dashboards components, but others brought a whole vehicle :)

CIVITRONIC nominated for 2013 ITS Hall of Fame Awards!
ubiq eCal IVS

CIVITRONIC has been nominated for the 2013 ITS ‘Hall of Fame’ in the category Industry Award for developing a significant new innovative product that played a key role in accelerating development and deployment of ITS in its region.

The innovative product is ubiq eCall, an eCall IVS used in HeERO project, tested with 8 PSAPs in 6 EU countries. Civitronic also developed side products like eCall SkyBox, a mobile test site for eCall PSAPs, to help testing of concurrent calls from multiple IVSs.

first eCall interoperability event

On 22-24 may 2012 Civitronic takes part in the first eCall Plugtest Interoperability Event organized by ETSI in Nuneaton UK.

Follow it live here: www.ertico.com/1st-ecall-interoperability-testing-event-follow-it-live/

during the tests:

We are hiring an Embedded Software Developer

Job description

Our Embedded R&D team develops embedded software for GPS/GPRS tracking devices based on a hardware platform with GSM/GPRS modem & integrated ARM9 microncontroller with Java VM. Your daily challenges would be to clarify the requirements for your tasks, to repair existing bugs and to design and develop new software modules, to test and document your work, to come with ideas that will help us create a better and innovative solutions for our clients.
If you like to be involved in the development of complete projects, from idea to blinking LEDs, if you are open minded and proactive and especially if you want to learn new things, then this is the perfect job for you.


  • University degree in Computer Science, Telecom, Electronics or other relevant IT domain
  • Proven experience with J2ME applications and the familiarity with Java development environment tools (Eclipse)
  • Proven experience with real-time microcontroller applications, analog/digital sensors
  • Knowledge of software Design Techniques and Software Testing Methods
  • Experience with Microchip microcontrollers architecture (PIC18) and MPLAB development (C/C++) environment is a plus
  • Experience with GSM/GPRS connectivity and GPS receivers is a plus
  • Experience with Bluetooth, CAN and TCP/IP conectivity in embedded applications is a plus
  • Ability to use laboratory measuring equipment (Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer), is a plus
  • Ability to read electronic schematics and basic knowledge of electronics is a plus
  • Open minded, good communication skills
  • Ability to learn
  • Attention to details
  • Conversational English level

Send resumees to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

eCall also for Romania through HeERO
 In the HeERO framework CIVITRONIC is partnering with  ITS Romania and Cinterion to develop prototype IVS (eCall box) to be tested in  Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia & Rusia.

The HeERO document listing all existing solutions: http://www.heero-pilot.eu/ressource/static/files/d2-1_functional-and-operational-requirements_v1-0.pdf

Local TV station B1 took an interview to Radu Petrisor:



ubiqSerial - transparent serial link over GPRS
ubiqSerialCivitronic releases a new product, ubiqSerial, a GPRS gateway for serial RS232 devices, ideal for serial cable replacement in long rage serial connections with remote equipments. ubiqSerial's architecture includes an ARM9 processing core and GPRS modem, so it allows low cost data transfer, but offers more than a standard GPRS modem: two-way network communication, with no fixed IP, no VPN or other network setup required. SIM cards for Europe / Romania or Italy are provided at competitive prices if requested.
Romcontrola 2008

altCIVITRONIC are placerea sa va invite in perioda 21-24 aprilie 2008 la a 17-a editie a ROMCONTROLA vom fi la standul 9 in Hala 14 si vom prezenta solutii hardware si software pentru automatizari si sisteme SCADA si Manufacturing Intelligence de la producatori de prestigiu: Iconics, WAGO, ICPDAS, Thermokon, ESA.

Civitronic si ICONICS la World Wide Customer Summit in Boston

 Stanga, Russ Agrusa, CEO si proprietar ICONICS; dreapta, Claudiu Suma, consultant Intre 6 si 10 aprilie 2008 Civitronic participa alaturi de clientii sai la ICONICS World Wide Customer Summit in Boston / SUA.